One day in a designer’s life.

The project One day in a designer’s life was born in February 2018.
Like so many projects It started as hobbies and became more serious. This one was no different. However, the reason for the beginning is out of the ordinary.
I was challenged by my parents to do an invite for their 25 years of marriage. And, lacking ideas, I went to my parents for inspiration. Without any hesitation my father said to do anything with the beetle. This is our family car.And so began my journey in the illustrations world. However, I continued to explore different views and colors. Not knowing why I was hooked and since then I’ve been illustrating cars. Since june I’ve taken it a bit more seriously. I designed a logo, made a website and launched a set of t-shirts.

The Founder

My name is Ricardo Barbosa, I was born in 1997 in Porto, Portugal. Since a very young age, more like since I remember, I’ve been drawing cars. I have a degree in mechanical engineering but the love of cars stayed with me. Know i’m taking a masters degree in car design.